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How Can I Be More Mindful of My Breathing?

I’m sure there have been times when you’ve wanted to know how can I be more mindful of my breath. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because our daily lives are full of stresses and tension. In fact, studies have shown that we are subjected to a constant flow of negative activities such as stress, anger, nervousness, frustration, sadness and other unpleasant emotions. Consequently, breathing becomes difficult, if not impossible to accomplish.

However, when these negative emotions subside, our bodies naturally become more relaxed. This is how our minds and bodies connect. We breathe in a relaxed manner when our bodies are at ease. If we allow our minds and bodies to relax first, we’ll then be more able to pay attention to what we’re thinking or doing.

  • How can I be more mindful of my breath if I’m always hyperventilating? Perhaps you’ve had this experience: you’re walking down the hallway in class, and you absolutely cannot take your eyes off the stage where your favorite student is performing. You feel completely energized and awake. However, the next minute, you are totally disoriented and your thoughts are racing.
  • Can I be more aware of my breath if I am hyperventilating? I think this has everything to do with your thoughts. Think about what happens when your thoughts become scattered. For instance, think about a time when you were overcome with too much information to process and you couldn’t get anything out. You may have even thought about vomiting. Your body then attempts to rid itself of the excess food by delivering excess carbon dioxide through your lungs and through your mouth.
  • Can I be more mindful of my breath if I am dehydrated? When your body is deprived of liquids, it tries its best to conserve energy. If you are dehydrated, you will most likely experience more exertion as well as more difficulty when trying to focus. This is also why you often experience fatigue after having a drink.
  • How can I be more mindful of my breath if I am stressed? When you are stressed, you automatically think about the things that are stressing you. Therefore, the way you breathe can become significantly impacted. When you are stressed, you may find that you are unable to be mindful enough about your breathing to prevent yourself from being stressed all the time. Instead, you find that you are constantly worrying about your breath.
  • Can I be more mindful of my breath if I am in a hurry? If you need to catch up on your papers or you need to finish an interview on time, you may find that you are unable to be mindful enough to slow down and be calm. Even when you know that you have to get the job done, you still can’t seem to stay composed and you find yourself being stressed out about everything. If you want to be able to be more mindful of your breathing while you are rushing, then you need to be aware of how you react to stress as you are rushing.
  • How can I be more mindful of my breath if I don’t have a lot of money? If you are simply short on funds, you may find that you end up thinking about how much money you have so that you can better plan your budget. However, if you don’t have a lot of money to work with, you may find that you are thinking about your current financial situation and how you are going to dig yourself out of the situation that you are currently in. This can lead to not only more financial stress, but also to physical stress on your body. To avoid this, make sure that you are aware of how your breathing patterns are affecting your breathing as you are rushing.
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